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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, we've been assigned a doctor...

OK. I'm just going to jump right into this little update. If you haven't done so read the previous blog. It will bring you up to speed.

So, the doctor called today. They still do not know what Shammah (Paul) has. The doctor said he sent Shammah's bone marrow biopsy and blood to the best pathologists he knows of. He made a point to say these guys are really good at what they do and they just don't know what he has.

Our next step? We are waiting for a call from Vanderbilt. If we haven't heard from them by tomorrow morning, Shammah will call the doctor back.

We are still looking at a probable acute Leukemia of some kind. Still looking at treatments at Vanderbilt. But we don't know what kind and when for treatments. Still probably next week.

The doctor said that Shammah's blood work looked good. Very little difference in two days. That's a good thing.

So, he may have something rare. Of course things would be, er, unusual for Shammah. His mother has been often quoted through the years as saying, "Why be normal?!"

OK, so that's all I have for news at this time. i.e. this concludes the end of the update for now. Sorry there's not more. There were a few new medical terms thrown in that conversation with the doctor and Shammah will be googling all of that and may have more info on a blog when he gets to it.

For those that would like to hear a sweet little story, keep reading.

Since I'm ready to just get to Vanderbilt and get things started (have places lined up for the kids, the dog, and Grandma - people who will be caring for them while we're gone) I found myself VERY out of my rest this morning. We live with a LOT of people always coming and going and people were starting to all look like GERMS that could harm my husband to me. I got some input from a registered nurse (I think he's a nurse?) and that helped keep everything in perspective for me.

I was driving my car, well, Shammah's nice new car, up the road still not quite at rest. And the most extraordinary thing happened. I'm very sorry this involved a dragonfly because I don't want you to think -= well, never mind. I'm not supposed to care what you think and this really happened so I'll leave out the disclaimer -- yes, yes, I hear that applauding

Anyways, as I was driving up the hill (we have to drive slow because little ones can come running out at any time) the largest dragonfly I've ever seen hovered in front of my windshield, over the hood of the car. I smiled as it buzzed off and my stubborn heart refused to put significance in it. SO, it came right back and escorted me up to the top of the hill. It flew off to the right and left me looking at Shiphchah's front door with her neon blue sign that reads, "BELIEVE"

Needless to say, I got what I needed. (For those not familiar with my dragonfly story: Dragonflies - My Favorite!)

I'm excited. God is doing something. It's a lot easier to be happy and excited when He's gone out of His way to say, "I'm all over this thing. It's going to be ok." - Well, God probably wouldn't word it like that, but you know what I mean! Well, who knows - maybe He would?!

That's all for now. Will keep everyone posted. :-)

OK. Had to pull this blog down to add this on. (Of course we get a call moments after I push "Publish Post")

We have been assigned a doctor at Vanderbilt. Now waiting on his call...cutting-edge news reporting...

One more observation: Shammah's color and energy levels have been much better the last two days compared to the start of the week. Just thought you'd want to know!

Thank you again for all your prayers, notes, and encouragements!


  1. I love when God does even small things to encourage us! I've seen Him in so many small ways in our house search that it makes me feel peace about making the biggest purchase we will ever do in our life, but I know its all for Him!
    Joel and I love both you and Shammah a lot and still hope one day to be able to live with you guys. Once we get a larger home you will have to bring your RV and come stay for a month or something. :)
    We are praying for you and your family that He leads in everything and continues giving you peace and grace.

  2. I think He would say it that way:0)

  3. I love that story, just like Our Father to do something like that.

  4. Good Grief, I miss you miss Hannah! It is so good to hear (read) you this morning. I wonder who sent that dragonfly and if he's from the same family that my personal dragonfly comes from. I hope he conducted himself correctly. They (my dragonflies family) are pretty conservative with who they send their dragonflies to. I guess if he got the job done all's well that ends well. Love to all. abba

  5. Hi David, I love your drawings...keep'm coming.. The quotes were good. Oswald always has been a favorite of mine. It is almost like he could read my mind. Or maybe better said my flesh...anyway he has always helped me to find God. Give beautiful wife and children a hug for me. I love you .anavah

  6. It is true "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and you have always been so beautiful to me. It is hard for me to think that one time you did not know you were beautiful. Ain't that odd. I love your insight on toddlers. So Fun and true lol. You are such a good friend...keep posting...it's good food.