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Monday, April 25, 2011

*NEW* on the Menu...

Just wanted to take a moment and highlight a couple of new blogs in case you get lost in the copious harvest of blogs listed there to the right on my home page.  As you are what you eat, I HIGHLY recommend getting your fill of these blogs each and every day.  As there are so many blogs(!), chances are there's a nice meal waiting for you at any given time on any given day.

A couple of new scrumptious dishes (never blog on an empty stomach) are Kay's (aka Shalam) Art Blog, "Pencil Tip World" and "Dossie's (Briggs) Day."

Both of these ladies (well, Kay is 13) are stepping out in a new way and trying to tell you about it as they go.  Kay, as many of you know, is an amazing artist and is opening up so everyone can see what's been in there all along.

Dossie, a seasoned and faithful Lover of God, refuses to stop growing and changing, always becoming more and more like Christ.  Out of a love for Christ and the people He loves, she's putting forth brave efforts to talk to people in ways that are completely outside her comfort zone.  And she plans to take us on this journey with her.  It promises to be a glorious thing for "This is the Lord's doing - and that is always marvelous in our eyes!"