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Friday, May 6, 2011

Lorie on Life (LOL!)

Does anyone else advertise one blog on another blog???? Where exactly is that manual of do's and don'ts for blogs?! I've concluded (with the help of a dear friend) that I probably make a better sign post than blogger. But, sigh, someone has to point the way!

So, the *NEW* blog I'm highlighting today is.......... wait for it.....wait for it......


I've started another blog entitled, "Lorie on Life (LOL!)" There I am more likely to post the small humorous every day stuff that happens just to me.

Here I am more likely to try and relate the happenings on a corporate level. Why the difference? Well, because I'm strange like that. :-)

So anyways, if you want something to smile about here and there, do click over to my new blog. Enjoy!

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